Buongiorno a tutti i nostri affezionati clienti!

Comunichiamo che saremo chiusi per ferie dal 12 al 20 agosto e dal 26 al 29 agosto.

Gli ordini che perverranno entro tali date verranno evasi dal giorno successivo alla riapertura in avanti.

L'ESCURSIONISTA EDITORE e LIBRERIA augura a tutti uno splendido Agosto.

Good afternoon everyone!

We warn our customers that we will be closed for summer holidays from August 12th to 20th and from August 26th to 29th.

 L'ESCURSIONISTA publisher and bookshop
wish to you a wonderful Summer   !!

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L'escursionista Editore

Our publishing house exclusively deals in maps and guidebooks which derive from our great passion for everything that concerns mountains. All of our guidebooks have been put together by selected authors and freelancers. Our maps have been designed with the latest technologies and all data is gathered on foot with GPS devices. We also create some products on behalf of a third party by using our vectorial cartographic bases, we can customize our products according to the customer's needs and can provide descriptive and photographic material for thousands of itineraries in various areas of Italy.